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Kryson's Macabre

A Glimpse Into Insanity

Kryson ~ Mistress Macabre
4 March 1973
I'm a happily married mother of one. My life has gone from soap opera status to the calm, mundane existance that I live now... and I'm quite elated about the change.

Reguardless of how exciting or mundane my life has become, I believe that life is a journey and I'd like to spend mine making something good come of it. I exist simply to experience life, to learn from it, to learn from the people around me, and to find something I can do to make life just a little bit better for others.

My biggest passion in life is writing. Poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction... I enjoy it all. I've been published several times, but I've never really "made it". I've been considering self-publishing recently, but I still long for an acceptance letter from a publisher.

80's music, acting, ancient cultures, animals, anthropology, army of darkness, aromatherapy, art, artists, astronomy, black comedy, black humor, blindfire, books, bruce campbell, camping, candle magick, candles, cats, celtic, celtic festivals, celtic history, celtic music, celts, chaucer, classical literature, clive barker, computers, craft, crafting, creativity, crystal, crystals, dean koontz, death, demons, depression, dragons, dragonsnail, drawing, dreams, drums, elves, evil dead, existentialism, faeries, fall, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy authors, fantasy writers, fantasy writing, fire, gaming, gardening, gem stones, ghost, ghosts, gothic, graphic design, graphics, grim reaper, halloween, healing, herbal magick, herbs, high fantasy, horror, horror authors, horror movies, horror stories, horror writers, horror writing, html, imagination, incense, irish, irish music, journal writing, journals, kids, kitchen magick, kitchen witch, literature, lycanthropes, macabre, macabre manor, magick, medieval, meditation, memories, mental illness, middle ages, mind expansion, mmorpgs, moon, mother nature, movies, music, mystery, mystery novels, mythology, nature, nostalgia, occult, pagan, pagan festivals, paganism, pagans, philosophy, photography, photos, pictures, pisces, poems, poetry, poets, quizzes, rain, reading, renaissance, renaissance faires, revenants, roleplaying, runes, scary stories, short stories, silver, society for creative anachronism, spirits, stephen king, tarot, thrillers, thunder, thunderstorms, undead, vampires, web design, webmaster, weird tales, werewolves, wild cats, wolves, writers, writing